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Hi all! I'm running a speedrunning charity marathon called HUTEfest that's benefiting Alex's Lemonade Stand. The marathon will run from March 23-24 and we are looking for runners and volunteers. The marathon will be held on my twitch channel (LylatR) and 100% of donations, as well as twitch revenue from bits and subs ($2.50/tier 1 sub) will go straight to Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Runs: Submissions are open now until February 28 at 11:59pm PST. We are looking for speedrunning and non-casual gaming for our marathon. Glitch exhibitions and skill showcases, such a Guitar Hero or Tetris, are welcome.

Volunteers: We are looking for hosts and chat mods for the event. Hosts must provide an audition, just so I can gauge general mic quality. There is also a section in here for prizes if you are willing to donate any.

For information on the charity, feel free to visit their website.

Please feel free to contact me either on here, on twitter (@Lylat_R) or on Discord (LylatR#6341) for any questions or details.