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Hello, I set up the rules for speedrun submissions in a way that I thought made the most sense. However, since I was operating in a vacuum, I didn't get any feedback on them. If anyone has any thoughts on improving the rule set or wants to discuss the rules, please let us know your thoughts!


I know KowlLazy has suggested that the game start time might be better set at when you either finish character creation or gain control of your character. When I set up the rules for the game, I was concerned about trying to determine the exact instant when players gain control of their characters because the opening seconds of the game are a locked animation sequence. I set the start as selecting "New Life" because it seemed like a fairly obvious marker, and unlike Baldurs Gate, for example, character creation is not something that is going to affect time. (Unlike the Baldurs Gate series, players don't have to roll for good stats or customize their character beyond assigning skill points.) On the other hand, I can understand the tradition of having RTA begin when you gain control of your character and do not believe setting the start time to "New Life" as opposed to finishing character creation really adds much to the run. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, I would be happy to discuss changing the rules regarding timing. Let me know what you think.


I don't feel super strongly either way, but it would be more consistent with the other isometric D&D series if the timer begins upon clicking "Accept" on the character creation screen.