Which video are you referring to? and do you mean 36:44:12 of the run or the total video time? That is really interesting! I am going to have to go through the original video file frame by frame.

I am sorry, what MOD are you referring to? If you wanted to use mods that did things like increase the difficulty or only use game settings that made the game more challenging or fun, I would be open to altering the rules or adding a different category. What did you have in mind?


@knewster, do not worry, you didn't do anything wrong.
It seems this guy is a bit salty about your WR run.

He thinks you edited your run because no cutscene was played after Pillar of Skull.
Or you have a MOD who removes this cutscene.

Perhaps you could explain why this cutscene didn't trigger?


I watched both the runs at the Pillar of Skull bit and they both act the same unless I am missing something..


the cutscene after pillar of skulls can be skipped if you select the proper dialogue options. The cutscene movie only fires if you betray Fjhull.

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no need to delete your account ^^ just next time do more research I guess 🙂


Thank you for the retraction, I appreciate you admitting your mistake, and I accept your apology. Let's just move past this and forget about this unfortunate incident. You are still welcome to submit runs to this leaderboard, and I do not demand that you delete your account or go into exile. In the future, I suggest that people should feel free to raise questions about submitted runs, while also not jumping to conclusions about possible cheating.