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There's a cool timed event going on right now, might be worth making a category for. It's a single-player boss run type of event, and when you finish it gives you an in-game time and encourages you to go faster

There's 1 card that carries over between runs and is pretty OP, so either all the top runs are going to use the card (Best Friend Forever) or we would have to have 2 categories. I think given that this is a limited-time event maybe only 1 category is needed.

Here's my 7m19s (in-game time) PB:

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@ajfirecrackerajfirecracker Welcome

As with the previous BRM tavern brawl event, we'll probably won't add it to the leaderboards since it's time-limited, and almost all players won't be aware of the leaderboards which will lead it to be very incomplete.

Ww'll probably still be interested in hearing people doing runs though. Feel free to talk about this brawl and share your run on the discord, maybe could get others interested in doing these runs as well 🙂

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