PS2 Key Cutscene Skip

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In HP2 there is a cutscene where Hagrid and Dumbledore get taken away from Hogwarts and there is a key that is dropped in this cutscene. This takes place on night 4 and lasts around 2 mins. However using this skip we can skip most of this cutscene and still get the key.

This skip relies on a mechanic in this game that flying outside at night will get you caught immediately and will put you by the Entrance Hall door. Using this we can trigger the 'Key' cutscene and get caught at the same time by spamming the broom button as you run up Hagrid's stairs. What this will do is after 'getting caught' will put you back into the cutscene area but will allow Harry to run around as he wishes. Once you re-gain control of Harry wait a second then hit the broom again and get caught again. By doing this you will now re-spawn outside the hall but the cutscene will still be going on. Then enter the Enterance Hall and you will cut the cutscene off. Then go straight back outside and then you will find the cutscene has finished and the key that is dropped in the cutscene is waiting in it's position for you to grab.

And Voila, you have skipped the cutscene

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