PS2 Hundo Cutscene Skips

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There are three cutscenes in the current hundo route that we can skip using spell menu lag. This guide will break down those skips for you and provide you with visual references for these skips.

How to do Spell Menu lag: Spell Menu Lag is a trick already used within runs of this game and is most commonly used during Willow Skip. You basically open your spell menu and switch a spell around on the 3 buttons you can equip spells too. After you change your spells config and return to the game there will be a short loading screen. During this loading screen you can actually move Harry about underneath the loading screen and while this loading screen is active the game will not register you running across a cutscene trigger allowing you to skip this trigger.

Below I will list the times where this is useful to use. Check the video below for specific visual references of where to stand.

Day 3: On day 3 in the current hundo route you simply go out into the grounds to do the gnome tossing mini games, as such we do not need to watch the cutscene with Ron telling us that we have Transfiguration class. Skip this by doing spell menu lag over the cutscene trigger line (which can be seen in the image below)

Night 3: On night 3 in the current hundo route we simply head down to the common room to return some lost items and visit the twin's shop to purchase some items. This means we do not need to listen to Ron telling us to meet Hermione in the girl's bathroom. Thus we can skip this cutscene

Night 5: On night 5, the night of the final boss, we actually don't fight the boss but do end day skip but before we do we go ahead and return one of the lost and found items. In order to do this we need to watch the cutscene where Ron fills Harry in. However, in actuality we can just use the cutscene skip to skip right past that scene (which is useful as it is VERY LONG).

(DISCLAIMER: The video beneath features the skip being done on Night 2. This does still allow the area to load successfully and allow you to complete that particular nights events BUT it does mean that you miss getting the portrait item for the Restricted Section portrait meaning that it invalidates a hundo run BUT this could be useful if an any% NMS category is every implemented)

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