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"The original PS2 version has graphics similar to the original PS2 version of Philosopher's Stone. However, the Xbox and Gamecube version features more notable graphics, removed and altered content (such as dialogue, cutscenes, possibilities/exploits and card locations), as well as a changed camera perspective.

Also, prefects are only limited to the Library Annex, the hall to the Restricted Section, and the Dungeons in the Xbox/Gamecube version. Prefects on the Seventh Floor and the grounds have been removed.

The outside routes are also altered in that there exists a "warp coding", as when the player takes a set pathway leading one of four locations (the Quidditch Stadium, Hagrid's Hut, Flying Grounds and the Herbology greenhouses), the screen will fade to black and they will appear there in an instant short notice instead, as opposed to manually walking to the location throughout the way on foot.

As soon as the player receives Expelliarmus, it's possible to use the spell to deflect the Locomotor Mortis spells from prefects at night to leave them surprised and shocked, all while giving Harry the chance to flee. Most prefects will respond with "Did you see that?!" Note that this only works in the PS2 version, as that possibility has been removed in the Xbox and Gamecube versions.

Prefects in the PS2 also can be stunned much more from a Flipendo spell cast at them repeatedly, even at close range (though if not careful, they still may be able to cast Locomotor Mortis on you). In the Xbox/Gamecube version the A.I. will gain a form of armor against the cast when they are about to cast their spell should one delay.

Also in the console versions, it's possible to catch and deflect spells not only cast by prefects in the PS2 version, but it's also possible to do so on one's own backfired spell. This only works on Flipendo and Incendio however, as the other projectile spells will pass through. In the case of the former, it moves rather fast so tight timing to activate the charm is needed.

There is also a glitch that can occur in the Xbox/Gamecube version of the game in that the player, by re-visiting Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom per day (as soon as it's been made available after a certain point of the game), can reopen a certain chest (which requires Skurge to unlock) to receive multiple copies of Godric Gryffindor's card, despite the fact that it is not one of the cards programed in the game for trading. This can also apply to the Merwyn the Malicious card, only since it is received from the Library, it can be "cloned" during the day or the night (and for that card, the player must know Incendio first in order to access the room that contains its chest)."

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