Faster was through chapel for no OOB run?
5 years ago

If you look at my latest run: I beat my own time after I think I found a faster way through the Chapel. I'm super slow and was looking for anything to just give me the edge and jumping off the chairs seems to give to a nice little shortcut... I was going from 39/40 seconds through the doors to 37/38 seconds... then on the way back if you lip off the coffin edge it sends you hoping over the chairs... In this run I missed the first time through... but I did one run where I did it perfectly and got a sold 1m.19 seconds... However, I didn't click the record button (I got it on stream but cba ripping it. XD ). Check it out for yourselves and tell me if I'm imagining or not... would love a pro player to try this out and get a better time.

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Back when Muikula and I ran this alot, we sort of came out with a strat that never ended up being used, but is 100% viable for the prayer room.

Basically its possible to pick up a book on the right side of the room, and use that to backwards boost yourself over the altar and thus reach the door insanely fast. But its incredibly hard to pull off in a run, and we ended up never capitalizing on it. But this might be something worth looking into for you!

Nice discovery though. I might have a look at this..

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The only issue i see with us testing this out, is actually grinding until we can consistently whip out 1:16's, which doesnt allow much movement error at all. So getting to a point where we can test if this is actually faster in a run could be a while :p Non of us really run this anymore. But, its short. So its definately not impossible to get back on the horse in a short amount of time.


So, i did some test runs and i felt like walking on top of those benches for even an inch slows you down like the carpet does.

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I did about 400 runs (bets time was 1m.19 cus I suck) but I am constantly getting at least 2 seconds faster when I make my way back if I skim off the side of the coffin to get through the room. XD

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