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I tried looking for this in 2019 but only found a speedrun from the 2015 marathon. It's great to see there's more runners now.

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I was fiddling with it at the end of 2018 / start of 2019 myself, but never routed further than 6-9. Luckily SuperMegaDav put in a lot of effort last december, which makes the game easier and better to pick up than ever.

It's still not complete though, we're still finding things here and there (like my most recent stream found out how to disable the 7th hotel gimmick), but this is definitely a great time of getting started 😃

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There is still a lot to figure out and that's the beauty of it. Like Grumpmeister said, it is a great time to get started since we're currently trying to find routes and strategies 🙂

We don't have a Hotel Mario discord server, so if you have questions you can message me or grump, or type it in the forum for others to benefit from it !

Enjoy, the game is definitely not as bad as many would think it is!!

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Oh cool, leaderboards are set up
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