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Since a few more people have attempted any% and I am on the cusp of getting a 56 time in any%, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to either make a document or video showing optimum routes for all stages played (though the races are already archived in the IL section).
This also brings up another project I was thinking of doing.
A segmented run of the best times from all levels (including game breaks) so that we have a more precise time estimate for amazing runs that are achievable by humans. I am hoping that through doing all stages in their most efficient ways we will be able to understand the game more and get consistent strategies for the more awkward sections of the game (for me it would be space, I hate space).
As tempting as it is to put up my own clips for the segmented run, I would really appreciate it if anyone else in the HWSTC community was able to beat my times in races and get some amazing challenge level times while they are at it!!! If anyone wants to help out with the segmented run just PM me and I will give you my contact info so we can get it done!

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You don't know the half of it - literally Kappa

Shameless plug I know, but we had 8 people running it at once - got to be a record for the most people playing it since 2005 ish LUL. Unfortunately, most of them haven't submitted the runs, however (at least for 1 or 2 people, plus maybe me) there will be more runs coming, I know that at least.

Anyway, thanks for having a read, although I don't think I can help much having not done a run myself

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i would love to help in any way i can. if you want, i can send you some contacts like discord so you can communicate with me easier. I can help with the best possible times for certain challenges and the game breaks, as i have been practicing for an upcoming 100% run i am gonna do

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I'm also open to helping out if I can. I've mostly been doing offline runs, but there might be some things I've figured out that others don't know and vice versa