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So I recently found about subcategories, so I went and edited the leaderboards to incorporate a new category: Cheater%.

Now HoMM II speedruns can use cheat codes; just be sure to label your run as 'Cheater%: Cheats Allowed' in its dropdown box when you submit it.

Any concerns about this, the rules regarding Cheater%, or such, please leave a comment below.


Heya! I just watched the run by Flogoo and it seems like they use the Instant Win cheat. So does that mean that the Archibald run in 29s by Flogoo should be rejected?


My fault. I neglected that rule when I accepted the run.

Should I just get rid of Cheater% if banning the use of Instant Win seems arbitrary compared to the use of other cheats?


I don't think banning instant win is too arbitrary.

I'm torn in what I think of Cheater%. My postivite thought is that I think it's nice to have a mix of categories that can be easier in execution/lenght so that optimization becomes more of a factor. It's nice because of the accessability and that the difference from full game runs is motivating

My negative thought is that using cheats is maybe not the most interesting way to get an interesting category. But I say let the categories stay! 😃 Most important for me is that people come to the page and feel motivated to submit a run. 🙂

Just my thoughts. ^^

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Yes i agree, it's maybe not the best category and it is not a problem if my run is rejected.

Maybe it could the best way to keep for the moment just the "no cheater" category.

If a runner want to post a new category likes : the smallest number of days (for example????) the category could be created...

Adamdotpng, if want you want deleted the run cheater% : it is not a problem !!! LOL it was fun to check 911 as fast as possible hihihi ! 😉

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Small update, the cheater category is now a miscellaneous category. It is still available but won't be prevalent on the main leaderboard.

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I think that is an improvement. 🙂