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I was informed about certain aspects of the speedrun by Septimus1933.

The first concern is about the reload at 17:35. That is reloading a save that starts at the beginning of the next campaign right after beating the previous scenario. This is the equivalent of restarting the scenario under the Info menu.

The next concern is that it is a segmented speedrun rather than an uninterrupted playthrough. For context in the early years of speedrunning (on speeddemosarchive.com), runs were submitted in segments for various reasons, like for individual levels or some games weren't viable for a complete playthrough at the time.
For this game, there wasn't a submitted run in years. At the very least, this run is a reference for future runners who wish to participate. The rules are fairly lax here as there's no competition currently (and it is a slog to play this old game as it is to watch a run to the end).

If there are any other concerns, please leave a comment under this thread.

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I suggest introducing 2 categories: segmented speedrun and uninterrupted playthrough.
Because run by Septimus1933 is illegitimate in the category uninterrupted playthrough, but quite good for the category segmented speedrun.
Which version of the game is relevant?

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There is the original CD for DOS if you could get a copy, but the easiest way is to pick-up a copy from GOG.com. Runs on DOSBox and doesn't have issues as far as I've experienced.

I'll adjust the leaderboards to separate categories.

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