Downpatching 2.0 (Multiple Installed Patches)

By MickelyMickely. Last updated

If you want to have multiple patches installed concurrently in steam, first follow the original downpatching guide to download the full game from the depot. Guide:

Once the game has downloaded, go to the directory printed in the console to locate the game files. Copy the hollow_knight_Data folder and the hollow_knight.exe files and place them wherever you want to keep the new patches. I put them on my desktop in a folder called "HK Game Versions" so I can find them all easily (Note: If you're naming your folders like "" and the downpatched version is not being launched, try removing the periods from the folder name. Example: "1221" as shown in the picture)
You can see from the picture that I put the files in named folders I created by what patch I just downloaded.

Inside wherever you want them to go, paste the files you copied.

Then, create a new ".txt" file and name it "steam_appid" as shown in the picture (I have file extensions visible in view settings, do NOT add ".txt" to the file name). Inside the text file, simply type the following number: 367520.

Save the text file.

Now, it's time to add the game to steam. Click on "Add a Game" in the bottom left corner of your steam Library, then select "Add a Non-Steam Game"

Click "Browse," then navigate to the folder location where you pasted your patch download. Select the ".exe" file.

Your game will be added to the library under the "hollow_knight" name. To change this name to whatever you want, right click on the game name, then select "properties."

Change the top line to whatever you want your patch name to be.