All Skills - NLDG Routing

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All Skills Route

Required Items: Spells, Arts, and Movement Abilites (Must be fully upgraded)
Geo Tracking in brackets

-Crossroads Map [-30]
-Sit on Crossroads Stag Bench
-Kill FK (for the geo chest) [+200]
-VS (with mound skip) [+50 greenpath guard baldur]
-Geo from Venus trap and the geo rocks [+60], greenpath Stag [-140], then Cloak
-S+Q to Crossroads Stag Bench
-Claw/Dashmaster [Get geo from large mantises. Geo count must be 206+ at this point]
-Buy Crossroads Stag [-50]-> Gruz [+50 +14 from babies] -> Shaman [-220] -> Blue Lake -> Dream Nail
-CoT, overcharm glitch at bench (equip shaman stone and dash master) (From here until after Lurien, do NOT inventory drop)
-Shade Soul Skip
-Soul Sanctum [+200 from soul warrior]
-Soul Master/Dive [Geo chest after Master +380]
-Watcher Knights [+650 chest]
-Lurien (Can now inventory drop again. the cutscene fixes bench storage)
-King's Stag [Gorgeous husk +440] [-300] -> Crossroads Stag (sit on crossroads stag bench)
-Crystal Peaks through dive entrance
-Crystal Heart
-Descending Dark
-S+Q (to Crossroads) -> Stag to Dirtmouth
-Uumuu -> Teacher -> Bench at archives top -> Wraiths [+10] -> S+Q -> Herrah [+42] [+5]
-Distant Village Stag [-250] to King's Station (Sit on King's Station Bench)
-Kingdom's Edge -> Dash Slash [-800]
-S+Q to King's stag bench
-Isma's Tear
-Broken Vessel Bench [-150] -> Wings (with Vessel fight skip) -> S+Q to bench
-Super slide OOB to get into abyss
-Abyss -> Shriek -> Float or rocket jump to Lighthouse -> Shade Cloak
-super slide OOB to get out of one of the two bottom doors of the abyss
-Rocket jump from OOB up to the top of abyss
-Basin Stag [-300] to Dirtmouth -> Dirtmouth Bench -> Cyclone Slash -> S+Q to dirtmouth bench
-Dirtmouth Stag to Greenpath Stag -> Great Slash -> S+Q to Dirtmouth bench
-Final Boss