No Major Glitches - PC in 13m 55s 383ms* by SchneiderSchneider - 8th place

Time with loads: 14m 00s 283ms

Frame-counted: Yes
Submitted by:
SchneiderSchneider on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
MKarmaMKarma on


Name Duration Finished at
Dream World 0m 19s 000ms 0m 19s 338ms
An Unexpected Party 0m 46s 000ms 1m 05s 903ms
Roast Mutton 0m 18s 000ms 1m 24s 224ms
Troll-Hole 0m 13s 000ms 1m 37s 925ms
Over Hill and Under Hill 2m 58s 000ms 4m 36s 183ms
Riddles in the Dark 2m 02s 000ms 6m 39s 025ms
Flies and Spiders 1m 36s 000ms 8m 15s 822ms
Barrels Out of Bond 0m 23s 000ms 8m 39s 438ms
A Warm Welcome 1m 26s 000ms 10m 05s 956ms
Inside Information 0m 48s 000ms 10m 54s 292ms
The Gathering of the Clouds 0m 42s 000ms 11m 37s 152ms
The Clouds Burst 2m 23s 000ms 14m 00s 255ms
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