Hi! Funny that this game just got added here, I've actually been working on a marriage run and planning on probably recording and submitting a run this weekend. I see there's an all sunstones category, which I may be interested in trying at some point, but could we have a marriage% category?

Also sort of curious why this game and category was added at this time, DezertPenguin are you or is someone else looking to run this game as well? Anyway, to anyone participating on this forum or potentially running this game, nice to meet you!

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Hey, glad to hear you're planning on running. I've added a marriage category and updated the rules, had to make the spouses a variable rather than subcategory because of how many there are, but they don't obsolete each other so the WR of each spouse will always be shown.

I plan on running All Sunstones later this or next month once I finish routing it, but I might do some marriage runs as well