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Hey all, just ran a potential new category and wanted to put it up for consideration to the community. I present to you: the "Win The Drinking Contest" category. Here's my run in 27:05. The route is pretty secure, but the time could probably be improved upon.

-- Sleep until Spring 23, go to the Flower Festival, buy the bottle from Rick, dance ASAP.
-- The next day, go to the vineyard and drink 28 bottles of wine in the cellar.
-- Sleep until Spring 1st of the next year, go to the New Year's festival, outdrink everyone.
-- Timer stops after you leave the festival and the prompt on the black screen appears.


I'll see your New Year Festival run and raise you All Festivals- A run where you win/attend every single festival at least once. Both horse races? Sure, why not? Current idea:

Spr 1 - Win the drinking contest with everyone
Spr 8 - Ride in the balloon with someone
Spr 17 - Win Spring Horse Race
Spr 23 - Dance with someone

Sum 1 - See fireworks with someone
Sum 9 - Win Veggie Fest
Sum 17 - Attend Firefly festival
Sum 24 - Beat Kai the mermaid

Fall 4 - Win Cow Fest
Fall 12 - Win Harvest King and dance with someone
Fall 20 - Win Egg Fest
Fall 27 - Win Fall Horse Race

Win 19 - Win Dog Race
Win 24 - Attend Starry Night Fest with someone
Win 27 - Play Ocarina at festival
Win 30 - Spend NYE with someone

Win 10 - Get a cake from every girl (140 affection each)

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I would also like to point out that the bachelors didn't show up to the New Years Festival bc didn't befriend them enough, so your run is five short 🙂

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I like this! Challenge accepted. I also like the idea of getting the bachelors to appear being a necessary part of the New Years run, and will re-run accordingly!

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I believe it's 100+ affection for each. Careful with Cliff- he leaves the farm if he's not at least 51 on Winter 1 unless he's the Harvest King, but I think routing would require Jack to be Harvest King.

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Just tried running a new version of the New Year's Festival run with the bachelors attending, and it was like 3 times as long as before. This run will need some work, but it is a fun puzzle to figure out.

Since this is kind of a "potential run" thread now, here's one I just ran: All Tools Upgraded in 1:02:02. An extremely tedious run (and I messed up several small things), but if anyone is willing to try it again, minutes could probably be shaved off.


The fabled "All Golden Tools".

We've always talked about it, but nobody has put themselves through it.

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Dare I say that this could be faster if you tilled the farm berry?