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Just did a run-through of the route in the current Beta patch for 4/6, here are the changes, and how they affect the route

Low Height Removed
Re-routes in west using this technique are moot. Can still be set up on bugs, though inconsistently

Barrier Spawns Changed
Notably removes the northern OOB we used to get the second module faster. this room now needs to be completed, takes roughly 30 more seconds.

Random pits adjusted
This prevents the clip into the north keyhouse, however, it doesn't matter a whole lot due to the next point.

Gearbit Spawn Adjusted
The boxes appear unchanged, but several fights now give gearbits. Notably, the bird fight before the key now gives a gearbit, and there is one in the room where we used to do the north OOB.

And that's about all I found. West boss skip still works despite devs explicitly saying it doesn't. Overall, small changes, but not big enough to warrant a complete re-route. Except Low height skips. RIP.