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So as of recent i just discovered, STEAM has a mod section for Half-Life Alyx. which is extremely convenient for me since i have no idea how to install mods anyways. i ended up trying a few out, theirs some great maps. and skin alterations, can even make enemy's more difficult, but by far the most intense experience was the top mod and i would definitely recommend as its a full story line. link at bottom

Im also interested in other full story line game mods that i can play, because this was literaly the most fun ive had in Half-Life Alyx since Half-Life 2 and of course the story line.

this is sort of what you can expect, although yes SPOILER ALERT it might be better to test it out yourself first before watching a video but if your so inclined.

the mod: Gunman Contracts, Chapter 2 - Art of War (if you ever read the book, thumbs up) if you dont have steam im sorry but i dont know where else to get it.

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