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Update to this topic for those curious- Given the results of the poll, and confirming rave on suit is a suit in contracts mode, we are inclined to allow club entrance for default start Berlin. Will also be allowing Radio Tower and Bus start as these two starts are farther from the targets than club entrance anyways.


New Default Category poll: https://forms.gle/Uz8vPiFRLyomh8wo7

Please vote if you haven't already.

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After like a day, I don't think much more responses are coming for default start poll. Reactions to both questions were pretty split, but I will lean towards keeping the rules as they are now, as I think the logic of "default menu when you open up the level" should be kept consistent.

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New Default Category change:
At runner request, we have made a "default loadout any start" category. We are keeping the existing "Default loadout/ Default NG+ start" and "Default loadout/ Default NG start" categories as well.


If confused about the rules for these categories, click on "View rules".

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(edited: )

I have decided to remove the New York Vault/ Discs, Berlin amount of agents, and Dartmoor tokens/ file
variables. After some reflection I do not think there is enough demand to justify it being separated out as a variable officially. I have left a comment on the previously submitted runs about if they are vault/ 10 agents/ etc. so people can still check these things if they wish.


These changes were not taken lightly, and thank you for your patience with the mod team.

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(Hopefully) the last adjustment to Default Loadout category.

Split Default Loadout category between starting location subcategories again due to desire from several runners to see default start runs on front page.

To avoid future redundancy, I added new rule that you should not submit default loadout/ default start runs to default loadout/ any start unless the run would break current default loadout/ any start record.