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Hitman speedrunners have already shown an insane amount of creativity when optimizing runs. It would be wonderful if that inventiveness is used to help content creators who try to shine a spotlight on this game. There are a lot of great YouTubers who use elusive targets as a way to regularly return to Hitman content, and so if this community could figure out how to sharpen the part of the video where they have to explain the concept of elusive targets, which helps newcomers but is boring for Hitman veterans, I think it would make content creators even more enthusiastic about having Hitman videos on their channel.

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I am not experienced when it comes to setting up categories, so I am not exactly sure what the splits would be. My current thought is that it could either be:

1. Testing how fast the runner could read a preselected script. This would allow for easier comparison between different runs but could stifle creativity.

2. Having a series of "key" concepts that need to be explained. This would allow for potentially more innovation but would make it hard to compare between the runs.

I am definitely open to suggestions and would love to hear if anyone else has a better way of organizing this category. Of course, using text-to-speech or artificially speeding up the explanation would fall under the TAS category.

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