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Full policy (which is also in rules): https://rentry.org/h3_standard


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Tranq glitch and druzhina arctic wallbang are put into a misc. category so they are invisible by default, but still being tracked for those curious. (yes it is very arbitrary to only consider those 2 tricks glitches, deal with it).

Future runs invalidated by patches will also go into this "No longer possible/ glitched" category. We don't have patches yet, this is just future proofing.

Edit: These rules apply for any% as well. Tranq glitch is useless in any%, but wallbangs could make any% very boring.

Tranq glitch and wallbang are also straight up banned from h3 extensions, similar policy to h2 extensions.

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February 23, 2021 Update: Hitman 3 Patch 3.11

Reminder: The philosophy behind leaderboard setup is that all runs in main category must be possible on current patch, for fair competition (there is no known way to downpatch, and play online to get a score). Old patch runs will be kept in main category as long as all parts of the run are still possible on current patch.

Changes relevant to these leaderboards:
Some other stuff may come up, but for now, the main changes that appear to have come in the last update are:
• Druzhina wallbang is patched
• Out of bounds trick on train in Romania, this drop trick on Chongqing
• Berlin manhole exit is no longer usable. Note that provided the player still had green SA tracker at exit, then the time on timer HUD will be used instead and the run can be considered current patch.

Any runs using the latter 2 mechanics will be shifted to "Major glitches/ No longer possible" category, druzhina wallbang was already in this category.

In addition, a "no longer possible" category will be added to extensions as well to archive runs no longer possible on current patch.


Any rule against gun leash?

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No, it is allowed.
Full policy (which is also in rules): https://rentry.org/h3_standard

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Was there a recent patch to Colorado, I can't seem to do the original muffin strat anymore, did they change the target's nav paths?

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There was not, and even if there was, it is not necessary to use muffin in Colorado to begin with.

No muffin setup:

And if you are talking about overall strategy, Apecticor was livestreaming attempts just 2 days ago, and Colorado worked the same.