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Because of the August 17th patch (, we have moved multiple runs to the “No Longer Possible” category. Runs from the Hitman 3 main boards, category extensions, elusive targets, and freelancer were all affected. This patch has only affected runs with Dartmoor due to:

  • Ledge drop outside of Alexa’s bedroom being removed

  • Audio distractions not being heard by guards in and around the trophy room

The audio patches have mainly affected runs that use Rebecca lure, and runs that shoot the door to panic the guards standing near the hearse key. As well as runs being moved because of this current patch, there also were multiple runs moved because of previous patches that were not spotted before, mostly relating to the other ledge drop methods being removed. All affected runs can be found under the No Longer Possible/NLP tab on SRC. Thanks!

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As of today, we've completed the migration of Sarajevo Six runs and leaderboards to the main Hitman 3 leaderboard and have added leaderboards for Sarajevo Six category extensions. After the recent release of Sarajevo Six to the official game we felt it best to move everything to improve ease of access and discoverability. New leaderboards for the Sarajevo Six can be found here: and Thanks so much and good luck!

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We're very happy to announce the brand new Hitman 3 (WoA) Freelancer Leaderboard! Please be sure to read ALL the rules for the game and each category to avoid confusion or rejected runs. If you have any questions, feel free to message myself or another mod on discord or src. There will surely be changes made as we discover new strategies and build more tools, but our focus will always be on the runners. We look forward to seeing your runs and wish you good luck agents!

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Boosts are back and as far as we can tell so far they are exactly how they used to be, so all prior runs that were only invalidated by boosts were restored to main category for the Hitman 3 Leaderboards.

To avoid repeating myself, see here for a list of other Hitman patch changes as they pertain to speedruns (including info that is not included on the official patch notes):

Screenshot Examples of the Merged Leaderboards:

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The MAIN Hitman 3 leaderboard ( can be considered open for submissions again, and we will start verifying runs off of the queue.

The category extensions / elusive targets / escalation boards are still being updated for the new patch until further notice.

NOTE: All runs that are only affected by boost-related patch changes (that are otherwise compatible with current patch) are being stored in a category "NLP (Temporary)". The plan is to merge all of these runs back into the Standard (Current Patch Possible) category later, as IOI has promised that boosts are returning to how they were before:

More Details on the Patch (New Findings)

We recently discovered that the red tie kiwi, apple, soap, apricot, flower pot can still be boosted with.

The red tie kiwi is the most notable, as it's an unlockable item you can bring into the level.

So, we have decided to keep some but not all of the runs using boosts from before the patch.

The kiwi produces less particles than muffin / violin did, so more precision is needed in where you are standing when you throw it, where you throw, your timing, etc.

Overall, the kiwi's reliability for boosts is roughly the same for stairs with lower railing, but stairs with high railing or certain chairs or tables etc are unreliable or impossible with kiwi.

Kiwi + breacher also does not seem possible at this time.

Any runs that used two muffins are also not considered possible anymore, as there's only one kiwi.

Also, any runs that maxed out the inventory and then used breakable object on the level to boost (e.g. some Sapienza SASO runs would bring in sniper, pistol, duck, and grab a brick) are no longer possible due to lack of inventory space.

List of runs / categories affected (main missions, non exhaustive) List of runs Backup link (rentry is finnicky recently)

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Submissions for Hitman 3 are temporarily closed since particles got patched today and we need some time to sort out the runs that are no longer possible.

IOI said in their patch notes that the particle boosting glitch will return in a future patch (

We will be creating a second "No Longer Possible" category specifically for runs affected by only particle boosting, so that we can merge the runs back into the Standard (main) category later when the particle boosts return.

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Due to people having a hard time navigating to the "No Longer Possible" Archived Runs Google Spreadsheet (, and also because the Google Sheet becomes harder to read as more and more patched runs are added, we have transitioned No Longer Possible runs back to under their own category, with helpful comments included for the reason any given run may not be possible on current patch.

You can hover your mouse over the sticky note icon as well to quickly glance over the rejection reason for each run on a leaderboard.

Note the linked wiki page to Hitman 3 patch notes that specifically affected speedruns:

The full game No Longer Possible runs have been back on for awhile now actually but the patch specific information for them was added recently, and the individual level No Longer Possible runs were added back recently as well. I was busy with school for awhile...

We may or may not continue to maintain the Google Sheet in the future but we will prioritize listing all No Longer Possible runs on directly. Thanks for understanding, and be sure to point out any errors in the No Longer Possible runs to the mod team (run marked in wrong category, wrong patch reason, etc).

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EDIT: Poll is now closed

You must have 5 individual level runs / 1 full game run to be qualified to vote.

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UPDATE OCTOBER 14: Added "No Longer Possible" category on the main Hitman 3 leaderboard specifically for full game runs, as shown here. For information on patched individual level runs, as more information on patched runs in general, please refer to: or for more information.

UPDATE OCTOBER 12: Run Freeze is lifted, you can submit your runs freely now. Most runs invalidated by patch have been moved to an archive spreadsheet:

[Original Text Below]

There is a new patch ( We will likely be suspending any run submissions for the foreseeable future until we can sort out the many runs invalided by this patch.

Runs affected by the patch include but are not limited to:

  • Any molotov runs for SA and SA/SO (no longer accident)
  • Any runs with RFID exit exploit (Illusions of Grandeur record, among others)
  • Any runs with New York Frisk Skip (which includes just about every SA/SO Season 2 and Trilogy run).

How long will it take for these runs to be removed and for submissions to open up again? Don't know, there are a lot of runs and a lot of mods such as myself are getting busier IRL now. Might be a couple weeks.

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After some internal moderator discussion, we have decided to delay the Ambrose full game category poll until IOI adds Ambrose to the "Campaign" menu, as there is a good chance IOI themselves will clear up Ambrose's location as part of Season 2 or 3 campaigns.

Thanks for understanding. And remember, regardless of what looks like, you can always run your own category for your own enjoyment.

Edit: To be clear, you can submit any full game runs you like now, there is no longer an embargo. However, remember that full game categories may change in future.

We have also added Ambrose to the Hitman 3 / Hitman 3 Category Extensions Leaderboards as an individual level:

I've added a few runs already that were done over the past week but not all, so please send in your submissions.

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We will have a week long embargo on the new Ambrose Island level, Season 2 full game, and Trilogy categories, in the interest of letting people enjoy this map casually and also to think about how or if to fit the new map into a full game category.

We will add the new map to on August 2, and we will also have a poll on August 2 regarding Ambrose Island's status in the full game categories.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Update: The following Master Difficulty runs were rejected if from before May 24:

  • Dubai 24-27s (normal leaderboard not Default Loadout) runs from old patch
  • Chongqing Default Loadout
  • Season 3 and Trilogy (both normal and Default Loadout)

Old Patch Runs Archive:

I want to stress that this was a difficult decision to make. It is definitely not our intention to invalidate the hard earned records of our runners, nor to lose all of the accumulated strat knowledge due to an admittedly minor patch.

However: Given that even full game runs have come within a second of each other in the past, it is best to be prudent and remove any run that can not be performed 1:1 on current patch from the leaderboard, out of fairness.

I've included the Old Patch Runs Archive prominently in the rules for S3 and Trilogy, to empasize that new Master runners should still watch the old patch runs and learn from them, as most stuff is still the same from a strat learning perspective.

Know that this is a game where things are apt to be patched at any time, and at this time there is not a good way to downpatch this game (let's just say that the game being Always Online makes it very difficult to downpatch).

Also, the full game leaderboards may need to be shaken up again come July, when the new map comes out, so you've been warned (depending on how the community feels about it).

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The following Master difficulty categories will be re evaluated over the next week and any affected runs may be removed from the leaderboard due to incompatibility with current patch.

(Possibly) Affected Categories for Master

  • All 6 S3 levels (to be safe, although it seems like Dartmoor and Romania don't change much, only enforcers)
  • S3 full game
  • Trilogy full game

Removed runs will probably be archived on a Google Doc for historical record keeping here (no runs have been moved due to today's patch yet):

If you have additional feedback or suggestions you can leave them here: or elsewhere.

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Hitman 3 Category Extensions (Accidents, Default Loadout, Fiberwire, etc):

Hitman 3 (and 2) Elusive Targets:

Hitman 3 (and 2) Escalations:

Hitman 3 (and 2) Sniper Missions:

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Because of the August 17th patch (), we have moved multiple runs to the “No Longer Possible” category. Runs from the Hitman 3 main boards, category extensions, elusive targets, and freelancer were all affected. This patch has on

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