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Submission Information

- For this marathon, we are looking for games that are either horrible, horror-themed, or Valentine-themed, meaning your game needs to fit at least one of these three categories. Bonus points if your game fits multiple categories! If you're unsure if your game fits any of the categories, submit it anyway and let us be the judge.

- All runners must be allocated on the Discord page before submissions close to be able to be contacted, if you're not in the community Discord you will be denied entry to this event even if you were previously accepted.

- Runners should be at least 13 years of age

- All runners must have a good standing on src

- Submissions are open from January 3rd to February 5th at midnight CST.
The schedule will be posted a week later, on February 12th.

- Our submission page:

- Any further questions or inquiries should be directed to general staff in the community Discord


Heartland Animal Shelter

This event is supporting Heartland Animal Shelter. Any money that is made because of this event (Donations, Twitch subscriptions, ect.) will be going to them. More information about the Heartland Animal Shelter can be found here:

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