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General Rules About Submissions

- The theme of the entire marathon is horror and horrible games, but your run does not have to meet both requirements. So submitting something like Doom will be classed as horror, but submitting something like Shaq Fu will be classed as horrible.
- All runners must be allocated on the discord page before submissions close (or at least 2 days after) to be able to be contacted, if you're not your run will be denied.
- All runners must have a good standing on SRC ae not banned
- Our linked submissions page is to Oengus



Q: "When is the marathon?"
A: It is from November 6th-8th

Q: "Why did my horrible run get denied?"
A: The horrible game, also needs a decent speedrun, if the game is bad but has an amazing run than it's better than a bad game with a bad speedrun.

Q: "Why Child's Play as the charity?"
A: I have personal ties with them from my childhood, family members had gotten a lot of help from them so I want to give back

Q: "When do submissions close?"
A: On the 16th of October, the schedule should come out a week or so later. (probably sooner)