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After verifying the new Veteran Introduction time by myagus, which left two times at #1 with 2m56s, I began looking to see which one was actually faster (I considered making the times millisecond accurate) and I noticed that some of the times are not what they should be.

To clarify, the timer starts the instant you leave the loading screen, and ends on the frame when you hit level 10, which is when the UI at the top disappears, the "Challenge Complete" bar begins to appear, and the objectives are marked as complete. The external timers used are more of a guideline for the moderators instead of your "actual" time since you cannot be expected to stop the timer at the exact frame you win.

Based on this the times are:

TazzDingo - 2:55.84 (TazzDingo wins at 2:55.90, but actually begins timing 0.06s too early)
myagus - 2:56.57
StefanHeroes - 2:58.94
StupidRunsOnly - 3:01.19

Because of the nature of these times there is no need to change to milliseconds since there are no ties. So TazzDingo should change to a 2:55, and Stefan to a 2:58.

I won't change anything yet to give you guys some time to look it over yourselves in case I made a mistake. Also sorry to myagus for potentially removing your #1 tie so fast 🙁

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