Autosplitter/Load remover

INSTALL VIA LIVESPLIT SPLITS EDITOR. The autosplitter and load remover. Splitting only works for Any% right now, but Load Removal and Autostart should always work. Start happens when you press "Play" on the main menu after clearing medal data. (external link)

By faultyserver

Rainbow Medals Component

A LiveSplit component that tells you the rainbow medal time for the current level. The component uses the last completed level to determine the "current" level, so it will only work correctly when running 100%. Instructions are given at the link. (external link)

By faultyserver




All splits

These are the splits for you to use when you want to run any of the categories in Henk (this contains splits for all categories). (direct download)

By badBlackSharkbadBlackShark

Individual Batches

Contains splits for the individual levels within the batch you want to run. (direct download)

By badBlackSharkbadBlackShark


Action Henk Invisible Build

Permanently turns on the invisible mutator. (external link)

By Roeltje