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Heya there guys.

We'd like to know from your end what you were missing and what you enjoyed about the event. Be it as a viewer, on-site peeps or runners, all are welcome to get their opinion in here and we'll try to implement what went wrong next time.

What we already know that was an issue:

Schedule: in the sense of no setup-blocks for buffer purpose.

Location: Yeah, there were more ppl than expected and that signed up, so it was a bit more on the crampy side. A new location is being searched for.

Sign-Ups: Gonna be mandatory from here on out, just so we know how many ppl will come, for how many we'll have to cook and to also already get the money in beforehand so that we can work with that rather than having to go for the funds and take the money back later.

Audio: Yeah, we gotta work on that with semi-professional equip for the time being. A big mixer with headsets such as BSG has as an example is in the 4-digits, so a no-go right now. But this time was crap, we know that.

Guess that should be the general gist of what went wrong from a leading positions view.

So let us hear what you thought about the first event we did 😃

Cheers Yume

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