MAJOR Alpha 3 Changes
MAJOR Alpha 3 Changes
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Note: This announcement is visible in the Hello Neighbor speedrun server, but for anyone that can't or don't want to join then here you go.

Alpha 3 rules have been broken for like the longest time lmao, SO we are finally making a change in the categories. ~ ~ IMPORTANT ~ ~ The runs on the current leaderboards will continue to stay but as Legacy categories instead, and brand new categories will be made, allowing people to get new runs that are even with everyone else. Some runs would start with the player farther into the road than others, making it a unfair time save because of it, so here are the newly added rules:

1A) You CANNOT move for any reason before the cutscene is skipped nor can you move and skip the cutscene at the same time. All runs that don't follow this rule will get rejected. 1B) Some PCs may have cutscene lag, but if you find that you can somehow move during that time and still skip the cutscene, that won't be allowed either.

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PC Full Game Categories Revamp

Having two different Any% categories was probably enough, but we've decided to make the latest patch available to run! Also, the way you submit runs that do or don't abuse lag/FPS strats should be more obvious now!

A few things to note though is that:

  1. 100% is a category that can ONLY be done on
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