Alpha 3 Speedrunning Rules

By ccrusher1ccrusher1. Last updated

Since many people do not understand the rules, here is a guide to how to run the game.

- Timer starts when you press SPACE while the intro is on, moving around in intro with WASD is NOT allowed. If you move while the intro is active, your run may be rejected.
- Time ends when reach the screen. DO NOT end your timer after entering the door. You are still playing the game until you reach the splash screen.
- Glitches may be used to complete your run. Please keep in mind that we may add a new category for glitchless at some point, so for now, submit both glitched and glitchless runs into the same category.
- Use of any tools or mods (cheat engine, special .ini tweaks, editing game files, opening console, etc.) will cause your run to be rejected. Mods will not even consider your run for being valid.
- After your submit your run, please join our official discord. https:/​/​discord.​gg/​hB3cutC