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I've been considering picking up this game for a run but I am having lots of trouble hitting the wall jump. Can anyone give more extensive insight or tips to hit the ones that are required in the run? I would also appreciate any general tips or easy route changes to ease the learning process.


In case you missed it in the guides section:

If you saw this already, sorry if I don't have anything to add to it. I don't think there's any secret beyond what's written in the guide, it's just a difficult trick at first. The only extra tip I could share from watching Joni's run just now is he uses the same hand to do the 3 simultaneous inputs (down+right+jump). That seems kind of awkward to me personally but it works for him.

I could be wrong but IIRC, the first wall jump could take you 15 or 20 tries, it'd still be faster than the old Shades route. I can't find any run on the boards that demonstrates that route anymore (pretty sure there was one until recently). As for tree skip, is that even necessary? To be honest, I can't remember but I feel like you can just go around at the cost of a few seconds.

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I appreciate the answer. I did not think that was an actual guide from the title of it. Is anyone actively doing much with this game? Anyone streaming it regularly?


The game is not very popular sadly. For route tips I would pick up potion for both the last boss and before getting bomb. That makes completing runs way way easier. Kats run is probably the best to learn safe stats from. That or some of my older runs from way back (23:10 might be a good one) for the wall jump it self. You need to practice it a bunch. Do not mash the jump. Time it, and build good muscle memory. A good way to test if you press the dpad and a on the same frame is to just to straight jumps with down. And if you do it correctly you will see hebe spas out in the air. If you can do that. Diagonal and a should be just as easy.

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I did some runs of this about a month ago, and I'm planning to return to it sometime. In my PB I got the 2 safety potions that ZodaNOR mentioned. In some of my earlier runs, I also grabbed another potion (the underwater one near the waterfalls) somewhere in the middle of the run. You might also consider getting a life container for safety somewhere (maybe the one in the dark area, because it could help with the final boss).

I struggled with the wall jump for a while and thought I'd never figure it out. What helped the most was lots of practice and trying slight variations on my timing until I found the timing that worked. I agree with ZodaNOR that it's about building a good muscle memory - you have to do it enough times to get a feel for it. I wouldn't bother doing the second wall jump (at the trees) until you're confident with the first one.

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Also, not sure if you guys are aware yet or if somebody pointed it out already, but, with the new OS, savestates are now working on Everdrive too, so that should make the process of practice much smoother for a few of us 😃