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I will be taking a hiatus from happy wheels speedrunning for a bit because i i dont really like where the community is going towards to. I feel like demo% is killing happy wheels IL speedrunning. I dont really see anyone grinding or even running any ILs recently, And i feel like that is because everyone is grinding demo% , including me. Dont get me wrong, demo% is a cool category and people should run it, but i feel like ILs are never ran anymore because everyone grinds demo%. To clarify, i dont have ANY kind of problem with anyone that runs demo%, nor do i have a problem with the category its self, i just feel like ILs are being ignored wayyy too much imo. Because i dont feel like there is enough competition in the stuff i most enjoy about hw speedrunning, ILs, i wll take a hiatus and focus on other games for now. I will submit some of My IL times i havent submitted yet and go for now. I will be back in a few months. Again, that doesnt mean i hate somebody or something is happening or that i have a problem with someone, its just a hiatus. see ya