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Do you guys know if there's a limit to the number of level categories that can be implemented?


There are 50-55 mobile levels, plus about 30-50 main webgame levels. Around 100-200 is the limit I believe. For each level, the categories are ANY% and GLITCHLESS(No major glitches known of yet so this is pointless right now). Personally, I would like an INBOUNDS% for all levels. The rules would be no leaving the main game to skip sections. For example, you couldn’t just fly over a level to the finish line as wheelchair guy. With INBOUNDS%, many levels could be experimented with, and wheelchair and bike man runs could become more complex. The limit of level categories is probably going to be 50-60, as I doubt the mods would include all 100-200 levels. Still 50-60 is a ton of levels, which is unfortunate, as it really bloats the interface.


Yeah you're probably right. I just attempted an over 8 hour long run and they're all timed, so I was going to submit all of them. That would crowd everything quite a bit, though.


What I would suggest(IDK if possible) is to utilize collapsing tabs to format the site. Have each mobile stage[1,2,3,4,7] have a tab with an arrow. Click the arrow and all the levels for that stage pop down. For the main HappyWheels levels, have a tab called default, and have a tab or tabs for user-created levels.

To avoid immense bloat from too many new level submissions, maybe have rules that you can only speedrun levels with X amount of players or X number of stars, and only allow the top rated of each gameplay category(Bottle run, harpoon jump, etc.)

Not a perfect system, but would help to Organize the level leaderboards, which is slowly becoming a clusterfuck.


If there is a level cap, mobile will take priority as they dont have leaderboards already. The problem with subcategories is that not all records are easily seen from the level page.


Makes sense. IDK If subcategories is worth it; it would be a trade-off of certain things.


About limit: we still have Happy Wheels Category Extension. Don't forget.