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The 1st possible new route: Ledge Skip.
Instead of our current route, where we only skip the first conveyor rope, with this route, we could skip all of the final 3 ropes entirely. By slightly changing timing on letting go the 2nd rope, it could be possible to land your body on the left side of the final area, and using some climbing techniques, possibly get through the gate. This could be slightly faster than the current route with good climbing, and much of the luck with arm breaks would be taken out. With this, we could lower to a 17.2 or maybe even 17.1.
Technique 2 posted soon.


its a level where you swing with ropes for 20 seconds with not much action going on at all, dont take it that seriously


@aggelbeatboxer I disagree. To get an optimal time in this level, you must have a level 9000 grasp on newtonium physics.

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So... here we go. Route Number Two. While the first route hasn't even been proven yet and has only potential for very little time save, this one is huge. This technique has been proven via Happy Wheels replays to get a 13 second time at its best. This is what I like to call... The Ultra Wall Arm Break.
For this route, there is a huuuge RNG factor. First off, you need to execute the first 2 ropes without either of your arms breaking. Then, while getting off the 2nd rope, wait to let go until you get to a point where you're swinging pretty good backwards. After this, let go of the 2nd rope, and as your hands hit the wall grab it. At rare times, both of your arms will break, and in some weird way, you will be flung to the right in just a way to land directly in the final gate and finish the level. I will post a vid of a replay that pulls this off right here:

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