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Here is a list of all the levels you can skip in the game without losing time

All you need to do is fail the mission twice and you can skip the level

You can save a minute or two depending on the type of level. Which is about 20 minutes of easy time save

Out of the egg (dance)
Cooling the pipes (checkpoint)
Mumble the outsider (dance)
Escape From The Skua (checkpoint)
Somebody to love (dance)
Escape The Leopard Seal (survive)
Amigo Party (dance)
Get them lovestones (collect)
Boogie Wonderland (dance)
Return Of The Leopard Seal (survive)
Getting Away from it all (checkpoint)
Still Racing Away (checkpoint/Air)
Driving Gloria Away (dance)
Into the unknown (checkpoint/Air)
The zoo (dance)
Home at last (checkpoint)

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