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I was thinking running this game, "All 1st place" seems too inconsistent for me, but playing Any% isn't something that really appeals to me, as surrendering takes away the main thing that I enjoy about this game

So, I wanna ask the mods and, to an extent, the community, if they would be alright with an "Any% No Surrender" category? Like, you'd still be able to throw games if you think it would be faster, but other games would still have you play and not have to worry about getting first, which I think would be a happy medium for new runners like myself.

Maybe there's something that prevents you from wanting to do it, and as I said, I am an outsider, so I have no room to tell you how to run the boards, but this is something I think would be nice. ^^;

Something to consider, at least.


Hi @Doodletones,

I agree the 'surrender' option isn't the most fun thing. But it is the quickest way to progress through the game. That's why I added a category "All 1st place" for people who like a challenge and to play the minigames.

I understand your reason for wanting a category "No surrender". But also here, there are some problems. You need to wait or just spam A to get through it fast without even trying to win. For example:

- Hammer Throw --> throw it 0m to be fast / Spam A
- Pole vault --> spam A
- Archery --> spam A
- Triple Jump --> spam A
- Diving --> wait
- Synchronized Swimming --> wait

While these games below should be fast (and automatically first place):

- 100hm Dash
- Hurdles
- Bird-back Riding
- Carrot Pull
- Swimming
- Sailing
- Marathon

So.. it's kind of between "surrender" and "All 1st place". And I am not enitrely sure if it would add any value to the leaderboard.

You can always put your "no surrender" run underneath the any% category. Right now, there is no run of 'No surrender', and I do not like empty categories. But if you have one, please let me know! I can always add the category, maybe not on the main board but as a misc. But I can't guarantee.


Hi again @Doodletones, I moved your run to the "No surrender" category.
After thinking about it, the surrender makes the run hell boring, the all 1st place is a challenge.. so the no surrender category is a way to play through the game normally. 🙂