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Sup guys! I was wondering if you were planning on adding any Coop IL's on the board. Frenchie and I have been learning Coop and have been doing IL's to start before attempting SS. We have recorded quite a few already, but it looks like it's only Solo for the IL learderboard.


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That would be nice, yeah.
Hopefully we can get that added on. Should be pretty easy. I think its like a checkbox in the board settings lol


Yup, added. Sorry I would have added them earlier, I just thought they were already on there.


@AP777 can you fix our IL's so that it shows me as player 1 and Frenchie as player 2. This is a site bug where it always puts player 1 as player 2 and vice versa after we submit. I think moderators can overwrite it, as they don't have to put themselves as the runner. Thanks!