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The run before the credits roll has hades give up rather than fight you at all. In a speedrun, would it not make sense to skip this fight using this mechanic?


Rules say RTA ends the instant the final boss dies. Hades letting you by is not him dying. Plus, runs end on a victory screen either way, and there is no victory screen after Hades lets you pass, so no, it doesn't make sense because it's against the rules.


sanitycandy is correct, any run that skips the Hades fight currently doesn't have a place on the leaderboards. That said, you can absolutely optimize a save for that and do some runs if that's how you want to play the game, and if enough people run it I could see us adding a 'Dadless' category either here or in category extensions.

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I appreciate the quick response. The Hades fight is perhaps the most enjoyable part to watch, as it culminates the run, testing the player with all the boons they have accumulated. I do not plan to make a father free category. However, it is interesting that this may be used in a fringe category.

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