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Sadly, there was no way to do this, without losing the runs that were submitted. I ask everyone who submitted a run to please do so again. I am currently going through the records we had and will update the leaderboard to the best of my ability. has not been cooperative, it has taken nearly an hour just to get to this point, as I am often dealing with the message of the site being overloaded, and the updates I try to get done are lost, leaving me to start over from scratch. This is another reason I have waited until this point to overhaul the leaderboard, as I expected there would be issues. I moderate several leaderboards, and as they become more active, they are updated. However, for some reason the interface has changed on the website, and I have the exact same layouts in the mod settings for the popular games, such as Rock N Roll racing, with detailed categories and consoles. It is not working for this leaderboard however. I have contacted SR support to attempt to continue resolving the issue.

I ask for understanding and patience until we have all the runs back up on the leaderboard, I am working to the best of my ability to meet everyone's requests here, alone.

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Update, the issue seems to be resolved, we should now see categories and consoles available for speedrun submissions.

EDIT: I have updated the runs to the best of my ability, the run by Shieldzies had a video link that has expired and was removed. If you are reading this, please resubmit Shieldzies and anyone else that had a run submitted.


Thanks, CzaR! I think it looks much better now.

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Awesome, its great to see the board has grown to this point! I should start running again!


This is acceptable, well done. Only thing missing now are emulation rules essentially. Castegories looks fine though. Thanks for adjusting it!


Yeah, looks awesome, thanks!

Side note: now that there is a Two Loops category for Colecovision, I am tempted to try that. Not because of the leaderboard, but because to my knowledge this has never been done ever. I think I hold the unofficial High Score WR (emulator) and I think on that run I died at Saturn haha.