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Depressing Thread...

I don't see how that would clutter the boards. This game is still going to be adding maps/other content and changes that will likely affect both full game and IL boards at some point in the future, so adding extra info is inevitable. Going off what Tech mentioned, that solution is probably one of the better ways to help prepare for any potential big changes, since by then we'd have a base layout to add upon with all the past + current full game categories split into different time periods of major physics changes.

Some of IL's may be a bit trickier to split (if we have to resort to that anyways) since the different goal types change the time outcome by a lot for some of the categories. I know this is a custom/random niche problem, and I know that the reason they haven't been split is because the lack of interest, but it feels weird seeing them all combined together. Perfect example: at the time of making this post, my time in 'Ancient: Custom' is the only one that uses hockey goals, while the rest use golf holes.

Maryland, USA

I and others have been actively on the custom subcategories train since the update with hockey goals. Though the game isn't really active enough especially in that area, I can get why it hasn't been properly considered, but if we're wanting to separate stuff like pre and post physics update from one another on the board now, I think it would be best to fix the board all at once rather than one step at a time, if we all can agree.

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South Australia, Australia

I don't mind the idea of fixing all at once but there a lot of options and i just want things to be done correctly and it is much more simple if we just go one decision at a time, as soon as we have a majority towards what we are doing with full game leaderboards, i want to straight away address a solution for the ILs.

Kentucky, USA

We didn't have full game run submissions until ancient/6th map came out, it wasn't around during twilight. Also there weren't 3 maps when the game came out, I think only forest was out but maybe oasis was too. I started playing like a month after the game came out and only forest and oasis were out.

South Australia, Australia

I am 95% sure when the game first come out there was just forest and oasis, i played this game in the first week it came out, but didn't speedrun the game till way later. So it is really good to know that full runs only started to exist after the 6th map was added. Now knowing that i can't think of a reason why we would want 6map, 5map, 4map or 3map runs on the main board using new physics, also if we did add those to the boards it would mean you could run them all at once, so technically 3-7 maps could all be the same run, not a bad thing just an observation.

Ohio, USA

Okay. I've played around (even for just 15 minutes), and I firmly believe the physics 'changes' are truly negligible. I was able to get some of the best skips from forest and ancient within this timeframe (with classic rules plus reset shot and unlimited time and strokes). In my opinion, unless there have been some complete hole overhauls (again, I've only done forest and ancient for now, and they play EXACTLY THE SAME as they used to), I'm not seeing any reason to separate boards based on 'physics' just yet. Some of the shots are slightly different (I was doing by memory, so adjust for human error on that end) than what i remember, but they're for the most part the same strategies.

South Australia, Australia

Show me a recorded full power shot on forest 1 classic, and then i will believe nothing has changed. Lots of the fastest strats no longer work on all maps for classic, haven't done testing on all other gamemodes, yet.

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Lower Saxony, Germany

Well ofcourse your beginner strategies work. Then on the other hand we have me LanceSRL, also known as "The God of Forest" and I confirm that the full power strats on Hole 1, 13, and 17 do not work anymore. Anything above 3 Minutes is still possible.

South Australia, Australia

It has been 8 days since the strawpoll started and votes have halted so i feel the like the results are pretty final, the votes were 7:1 for adding no space, Lance691 has added "No Space" and you can now submit 8 map runs.

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