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I cant post on the thread anymore 😱


Yes we're both using new characters and will be recording video from both our perspectives. there are a few reasons for disabling /bonus. one is that it adds too many complications and potentials to invalidate a run. if a player misses discarding a single non-prophecies item accidentally while in the heat of a run it could invalidate an entire run (and you know how long these runs can be.) Another reason is that not all copies of prophecies came with the bonus items and some copies came with more than others (pre-ordering the game came with certain bonus items as well as the coke promotional which was exclusive to the Korean version of the game.) We want to be all inclusive and encourage everyone to run this game regardless of what version they have because that's the only way we're going to be able to build a guild wars speedrunning community and get this leaderboard poppin' 😛 and also because double fire imps gives way too much of an advantage over the people who don't have the right version of prophecies to access /bonus.

Our first full clear took 11 hours 32 minutes and 26 seconds. We made a ton of mistakes throughout though I think sub 10 is easily achievable maybe even sub 9.

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Apologies, I must have bumped something to lock the thread, it's now unlocked! You're welcome to continue the thread here or there 🙂

Good to hear you are both using new characters, sounds like fair game for a speedrun and I will touch up the rules for the category when I get time this afternoon.

The only point of disagreement I might have is the use of /bonus. While I agree that pre-order bonus items make for an unfair playing field and should be banned as they are no longer easily obtainable, the game of the year upgrade is readily available for all players to purchase. It's not too difficult to toss out items early on in the game when there are no other items in the inventory- I personally do it once I pick a line and autorun. Tossing the item is merely a way to prevent accidental use, provided the item is never used, it wouldn't matter if it sat in your inventory the entire run. Tossing also assists in run validation, given that I won't have to constantly be checking items in use.

That all being said, each to their own. If you want your runs to keep away from bonus that's fine, but I don't think that should stop others in the same category from using it should they wish to. It is outright allowed in normal any% runs, but if you'd like for the co-op category, I can add a filter on the leaderboards for the category for /bonus used (yes/no), just to keep things transparent between players. Two imps would after all make things quite a lot easier 😛

One final question I have is about partying up. I assume you are both in the same party together after character creation, but I am curious what you do for the Augury rock mission when the party size becomes one and you have to do it individually. Are there any additional rules you'd like to suggest for this mission in particular? I feel like there should be clarification or explanation in the rules for this.

Sub 9-10 hours seems like a good goal! Keep having fun with it and best of luck! I am always glad to see others joining the community- one that is quite different and more heavily regulated than the GW speedclear community.

I personally intend to return to my any% runs in about a month from now so hopefully things become a little more active!!


yeah we'd definitely need a filter for our category then. if people want to run with /bonus they cant be on the same chart they would be at too much of an advantage. and as far as partying up goes players aren't required to remain in party for the whole run they just cant party with anyone other than their running mate. a lot of pre-searing as well as old ascalon has us leaving party to go do quests for skills alone. its just faster that way. so with that being said no additional rules would be needed for augury rock that I can think of, unless you can think of any that would apply here.

a few of our twitch viewers have been talking about doing a 4 person all missions + bonus objectives run using our rule set. So depending on if they can actually co-ordinate the routing process we'll have that to look forward to as well. its really up to us to bring awareness to speedrunning this game. Super hyped to see more and more people running this game. another guy "poidrac" on twitch has been running prophecies solo all missions. and apparently he's been routing nightfall as well. all cool stuff to look out for 😃 Hyped for your runs as well. I'll definitely come hang!


The issue with multi-person runs is how to do official timings since you cannot all be in a lobby and then start. You would all end together but all of your starting times would be different.

Also, I should mention the new rules/layout updates that we have all been working on 🙂