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I wanted to ask if it would be possible to introduce a mission book category


My question to you is how you would lay out a set of rules for this kind of category. Unless you are playing from the start of factions, it would have to be a NG+ run which in a game like guild wars and all the consumable items that exist, would take an almost inhuman amount of optimization and pre-preparation. Most of the rules from the other categories would also need to change specifically to cater for this kind of one. The other thing is you wouldn't be starting from the beginning of the game.

The vast majority of speedruns on this site are used either for 'official categories' such as typical any% and 100% categories, as well as individual levels- neither of which this run would be. To warrant it's own category here, it would have to be from the beginning of the game- otherwise I would say it would be better suited to the speedclearing or guild wars running community leaderboards. There is nothing to say you can't do runs of mission books (by all means, I encourage you to!), but I don't know that it would have a place on these leaderboards. Best of luck!



Would not mission book category just be protector%? or in eotn case, just eotn normally?