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I'm really hyped about the return of Winter Wonderland and I want to host a friendly competition for speedrunning it! I'm sure many of you have seen speedrun videos of the loved and hated JP. If you haven't there's some submissions already up.

Let's get on to the competition details.

Competition Prize Pool:
For each path the top 3 times will receive 35 gold, 25 gold, and 15 gold respectively.

Contest Rules:
1. Make a video of a speedrun of one of the three Winter Wonderland paths and submit it to a Winter Wonderland unrestricted category.
2. Follow IL specific category rules on timing and run starting point.
3. Only one prize per contestant.
4. Fastest runs win.
5. Prizes will be paid 3 days after the Wintersday festival has ended to allow for late submissions. Subject to change depending on moderator workload.
6. As per common speedrun practices you can keep submitting new times to replace your old times.
7. Moderators may retime submissions or reject them for not following rules et cetera.
8. You can run all three paths.

What You Need:
1. Video recording software (OBS Studio, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Radeon ReLive)
and a video hosting platform (YouTube, Twitch). No vid, no did.
2. Timer software (LiveSplit, WSplit) is useful but not required.

If you're unsure about anything please ask us. The community has a discord server and we'd be glad to have you join us us at:

Happy speedrunning and have a merry Wintersday!
~ Dye Trader / Shard.4791

This post is a modified repost from reddit. To participate on a f2p account you need a lvl 10+ character to enter Divinity's Reach so you can enter the Winter Wonderland JP. Compared to previous years' speedruns the starting point for these runs is the respawn points in the starting platforms.


About 225 gold was paid to total 6 runners. Congrats. Heh, this is a bit of a late update on this end, sorry about that.

Ultimately 225 g isn't that much and future src gw2 mod endorsed competitions will probably have double that amount in their prize money pool (if there is any). Super Adventure Box is now playable in-game but but no competitions or bounties are planned for it at the moment.