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Hello folks,

My name is Davi, I used to play this game about 8 years ago, loved it back then, tried to beat the record at the time, it was something around 4m30s, managed to get just under 5m00s.

Today I stumbled upon this video with amazing execution by

I was very excited to see how far the record was pushed after all those years!

I'd like to share some optimizations I've found at the time, plus a new one I've found today after learning the glitch employed at level 24. Some of them are hard to pull off, but maybe there is some way to reliably pull them off.

Level 18 - You can complete the level without the platform.
Difficult - Medium. With some practice it can be reliably pulled off, but it is much harder than using the platform.
Time save: - 0.1~0.3 secs.

Level 20 - If you stand just in the middle of the first two spin balls, you can fall through them.
Difficult - Medium. I don't know how to reliably pull this off, it works 1/3 times or so. Maybe it is frame perfect, more study is required.
Time save - 3~ secs.

Level 34 - You can hold right all the time and do a speed hook, needs very precise timing.
Difficult - Hard. You have a very narrow window to get this right, takes me 10 or so tries to get one right.
Time save - 0.3~0.4 secs.

Level 35 - You can shoot straight to the end from bellow.
Difficult - Insane. Took like 100 tries to get it right. But oddly, all tries before I was holding right all the time. When I got right I did a minor stop before the hook, maybe that is what made the difference.
Time save - 1~ sec.

Level 36 - You can do a speed hook to the end directly. I saw this one the forums, but had already made the video.
Difficult - Hard. Took me about 20 tries to get it right. Luckily this one can always be tried, because if you fail, you can just regularly finish the level.
Time save - 0.5~ sec.

Level 44 - On the second jump, you can speed hook directly to the end.
Difficult - Hard. Took me about 20 tries to get it right. If you have a sense when it is not going to work, you can hook one of the cubes and make a regular finish, but this should also be hard.
Time save - 0.5~ sec.

Level 46 - This one I've found today, I was very excited to be able to pull it off. If you remove the first column, you will have room to go above the other two, if you do the same glitch as level 24, you can jump above them, making necessary to deliver just 3 hooks instead of 7.
Difficult - Hard. It took me a while to theory craft the proper way to pull this off, so maybe it is not that hard after a lot of practice.
Time save - 2~ secs.

I hope some of these tricks are new to you, and would be thrilled to see some of them being put to use. 🙂


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Hey Davi, some of these seem really interesting and definitely worth a look! Especially 22 and 46, those ones look crazy. Nice work!


nice! some of these are things we've known about for a bit, but a couple are tricks i hadn't even really thought of trying. i really appreciate the effort you put into this, it's sick

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OPA mano, legal saber quem tem mais BR na communidade heuheuheuehueheuhe, essas otimizção tão braba em mano, vou usar algumas pra ver se eu saio do 24º lugar (;-;)

SUP BRO cool to know that thereare more brazillians in this communityheueheuheuehueh, these optimization are fire, I'll use some of them to try to get out of the 24th place ;-;


Glad you found a couple tricks useful! Very excited to see they were used on the latest two WR. 🙂