NG+/100% NG+ Auto run reset then begin

For information on how to change hotkeys to a certain combo of keys, just contact me. Default: Activate: Numpad Enter Split key for Livesplit: Numpad1 Reset run key: Numpad3 Mouse coordinates are scaled to Gunpoint running in 1366x768. Requires Auto-Hotkey. (direct download)

By CaptainSummersCaptainSummers



Use this save file or any other completed save file if you want to start NG+ runs. Replace the Latest.gun file in the Savegames subfolder. (direct download)

By QuivicoQuivico


100% NG+ Splits with Menuing Splits

100% NG+ Splits with some mildly meme-y names and menu splits. (direct download)

By CaptainSummersCaptainSummers

Splits Format

Use "Gunpoint - Any% (patchtest)_format" for runs of Any% (patchtest). Use "Gunpoint - Any% (2.0)_format" for runs of all other categories, although you might need to edit the title and category information. Move The Prototype after intex for Any% No Skips runs. Do the previous and add the Test Lab levels for Privacy is Dead runs. (direct download)

By QuivicoQuivico