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Forum: The Punisher (2005)

Thread: autosplitter

Started by: gunlinuxgunlinux

Created autosplitter, because hate to split

Btw got wr in waiting for approve more then summer

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Forum: Max Payne 3

Thread: Chapter 1 Elevator softlock.

Started by: StanleyStiflerStanleyStifler

Lower graphics it's helps someone, or pause / unpause game then elevator loaded


Forum: Max Payne 3

Thread: Autosplit splitting twice.

Started by: StanleyStiflerStanleyStifler

Correct u could activate it twice, on splits edit and added second on layout


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hello from accidentally speedrunner

Started by: gunlinuxgunlinux

So I don’t know where start. One day I tried to get another achievement in max Payne 3, but something went wrong and now I’m a wr holder.

Be brave and everything is possible. There are no limits

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