Vs. Gumshoe
1 year ago

I see on some other games that they have a “sub category”, or “version” or whatever for the “Vs.” version of the NES game, which is the arcade version. I think Hogan’s Alley and maybe Duck Hunt have one on this site. The arcade version of this game is quite different, and I think it would be fun to have a section to track runs on it. I no longer have access to a hardware version of it, but can play the version in MAME with a dumped ROM. Any chance we could add this if I upload a run? It’s not an easy game to even beat, so even a fairly slow run would be pretty impressive to see. I couldn’t find any on YouTube or anywhere. That may be because the game hasn’t worked in the emulator for very long.

Edit: I think I have some things very confused. I thought that the NES version was much more different from the Vs. arcade version. My memory failed me. After watching some of these and a few YouTube videos, it seems like the biggest differences are extras like the potion and shoes along with extra areas available in the NES version. It may still makes sense to have a Vs. version, but it will play quite differently as you use the mouse with the emulator instead of a light gun.

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