1st place is not legit.

Hello, I had written a post about this and it was obviously deleted. The mod approved his own run even though it's completely cheated.

Fires off a round and all enemies on screen die at the same time while the character also jumps.

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I see what you mean; hopefully authorblues can explain how that is happening.

Since you have to shoot Mr. Stevenson to jump, a lot of the targets that are also taking a hit at the same time are nowhere near Mr. Stevenson. And I too am only hearing one shot.

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I know carter did reach out to authorblues directly but I don't think it could be determined why it was happening. The run has since been removed.

FYI, your original post wasn't deleted; it was during the SRC situation where they had to roll the site back by 4 days. I caught it since I follow this game. At least in this post pointed out what you found wrong with the run so we could see what you referring to.

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