HD icons that look good (VCS)
11 months ago

Copy pasted from my GTA SA post, updated for VCS.

I made some HD icons that are way better than the ones I found in here or just anywhere on the web. They are about 98% accurate. No AI, no DE, just my work (everything made in vectors manually).

All icons are made in a way so they look good whatever the size of your splits or scenes. Made some extra icons so you can have icons for every category. 100%, all missions, any% and more.

Preview https://imgur.com/a/KTDsCdz

Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/blif8re8olv8h1v/GTA_VCS_best_icons_v1.7z/file

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Ohio, USA

Wow, these look really good!

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Ontario, Canada

agreed, all of your icons are looking very good.