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Hello, guys. I have the problem of converting Gta VC into JP version. When i done, i joining the game, and game just still on the zoomed screen, and just stay like this...(black screen). I also don't understand runs between Eng. version and JP. Why runners use it???
P.S: Sorry for my English...


This happened to me these days too... Still black screen and i can't do anything... the main.scm is different from eng. so we can do some other things like instapasses etc.
poor english, too


@_Spectator_ Are you saying that when you launch the game, you immediately get stuck on a black screen? No error message or anything?


@Mhmd_FVC, Yes. Not long ago, i had error "unhandled exception", and maybe this error hides behind the black screen or not. I don't know.


Delete your gta_vc.set file in your Documents folder.


Can i ask a little question: What a benefits gives you JP convertation?


In the Any% No SSU category there's an instapass (Cherry Poppers) that you can't do on the international version.


@Derpeth You can instapass Cherry Poppers on the international version, it's just slower

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What Ben mentioned, SSU strats basically irrc.
EDIT: I just realized that he didn't even do cherry poppers mission, L O L


This video has absolutely nothing to do with CP IP